Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pentel RSVP

it's been a while. like 6 weeks. time flies sometimes. sorry dudes

so these little RSVPs have floated around my home for as long as i can remember. a fact which had gone unsaid until a few weeks back, but was silently accepted, was that these RSVPs were my mother's favorite pen. i knew that. my sisters knew that. my dad probably noticed. if my dog could read he would have noticed, i'm sure. 'cause there is a real load of 'em.

anyways, she decided to notify me that these were her favorite, so i did one up

First Impression: Why is this my mother's FAVORITE pen? She has obviously not written with very many fine writing utensils... This pen is decent in every way. The flow is decent. It is decently comfortable. Doesn't she read my blog? Doesn't she LOVE ME?!

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper: I call the grip on this pen DECENTLY comfortable not because it lacks the ever important "cush" of a nice, well made pen grip, but because it is a bit small for me. There could definitely be more cush, as it is a bit thin and thusly a bit hard, but it has a decent (there's a buzzword for this review) amount of give and pliability. The ink flow is acceptable, but nothing fantastic: it does need a decent amount of pressure to actually flow like I want it to.

Should you Write with this Pen: I guess if you have some unreasonable love for this pen you could keep writing with them... if you insist. But I wouldn't go out and recommend it to somebody. Nope.