Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pentel RSVP

it's been a while. like 6 weeks. time flies sometimes. sorry dudes

so these little RSVPs have floated around my home for as long as i can remember. a fact which had gone unsaid until a few weeks back, but was silently accepted, was that these RSVPs were my mother's favorite pen. i knew that. my sisters knew that. my dad probably noticed. if my dog could read he would have noticed, i'm sure. 'cause there is a real load of 'em.

anyways, she decided to notify me that these were her favorite, so i did one up

First Impression: Why is this my mother's FAVORITE pen? She has obviously not written with very many fine writing utensils... This pen is decent in every way. The flow is decent. It is decently comfortable. Doesn't she read my blog? Doesn't she LOVE ME?!

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper: I call the grip on this pen DECENTLY comfortable not because it lacks the ever important "cush" of a nice, well made pen grip, but because it is a bit small for me. There could definitely be more cush, as it is a bit thin and thusly a bit hard, but it has a decent (there's a buzzword for this review) amount of give and pliability. The ink flow is acceptable, but nothing fantastic: it does need a decent amount of pressure to actually flow like I want it to.

Should you Write with this Pen: I guess if you have some unreasonable love for this pen you could keep writing with them... if you insist. But I wouldn't go out and recommend it to somebody. Nope.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Papermate Profile

this one just sort of... popped up. i don't even remember where the hell this pen came from, but it was in my binder at school! imagine that... just all of the sudden being! i'm going to let you mull that one over while i dazzle you with pen review.

First Impressions: this pen is low on ink. I HATE WHEN PENS ARE LOW ON INK. i like to throw mine out as soon as they get to the point where they piss me off. well, past that a little bit: when they get to the point that i complain about how pissed i am to other people. that is when i toss the little bastards. hmph.

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper: these pens have a cool little look to them. nice curves! the grip is nice and squishy. it flows really well despite being almost out of ink. the ball was fantastic and it had a real effortless glide to it, super smooth stroke. i liked it a lot! i'd love to write with a fresh one.

Should You Write with it: Sure! it's got real bold ink and a smooth ball. at $8.99 for a 4-pack from Staples, though, they are priced above Pilot G-2's... and do i think they are better than G-2's? hell no. it's all about what is accessible, and in the event that this is they are great pens! GO FOR IT

Monday, September 22, 2008

Foray Permanent Marker

Permanent markers are not pens. This is a fact. They are markers, as implied by the name. This is not connorreviewsmarkers, but I don't have one of those. I do love markers! Sharpies are my favorite. Clean and classic, not fats or skinnies.

Anyways, my English teacher gave me this marker to check out. Called a "Foray" Permanent Marker.

First Impressions: Aptly titled, this is a permanent marker, alright! It is very comfortable, the grip isn't really raised, it just kind of is, something i'm noticing on more and more pens lately. I like it a lot. It's got a real fine point so it can easily write nice sharp, small lines, but if you sit for too long on it it'll bleed like hell, as expected from a marker.

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper: I do really like this marker. I like most markers, actually, because when they are fresh it is hard to find one that sucks at writing. There is a fluidity to markers that is sometimes lost with other utensils, but a lot of the felt tips are also real scratchy (a BRAND new sharpie comes to mind.). The only thing that bothered me about this marker? It smelled SO strong. And it was a weird smell, almost like fish to me.

Should you use This: Sure, as long as your nose isn't too sensitive this is a great marker. OfficeDepot shows them as a little less expensive than Sharpies, too, if I am reading it right. Good marker, i'd recommend one!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uniball Fine

That's the only identificaiton I could find on it. I'm pretty sure the picture I have down under here is the right pen.

Anyways, I was admiring my friend Melina's handwriting the other day and then I turned my attention, naturally, to her pen. Its simplicity drew me in, the clean, black tube, the nonchalance with which it dispersed its ink... this is one modest pen. It's like that kinda ugly chick you love to hang out with because she is real cool. For an ugly chick.

First Impressions: Pen writes real well. It scratches a LITTLE bit. The ink is light and pretty deep, but it doesn't make me feel like I am looking into the deep abyss or anything. Comfortable for a plastic tube.

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper:
This pen is pretty sweet. It's a good looking pen, nothing crazy but it has that old sleek look to it. The ink is good, but it smears a little bit (see smudge in top right.). The point is real fine, but the scratch doesn't bother me for some reason. The way it writes and dispenses ink makes me want to fill in doodles with real deep black spots. Good stuff!

Should you Write with This: I'd suggest this to anybody. Anyone. It is simple and it works well, making for a great writing utensil.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pilot G-2 (07)

I was signing out on the "Potty Pass" in first period Piano today when the pen I was writing with struck me. It was pink, and on the basis of my manliness I had to hate it. Something about it was so alluring though, its wonderful curves... its supple rubber grip... the way the ink flowed from it just so, I had to know what it was! I should have known before I looked at the clip. A Pilot G-2.

G-2's are one of my favorites!!!!!!11

First Impressions: These things are made real well! They are not too heavy and feel nice in my hand. The grip is a very soft rubber. The ink flows so well like most gel ink pens do, but something is special about these!

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper:
These rank up towards the top of my list for a reason: they are awesome. The ink flows very well, but while most gel pens tend to smear quite a bit this ink dries pretty quick! You can see where I wrote "smear" in the scan? Well, right there I wrote and then tried to smudge it as fast as I could to make an effect but I could not get it to go. Amazing! Also, I can write with these all day in Chemistry and not have to stop and shake my hand out once or stretch the cramp out. The clicker isn't AMAZING, but the spring is plenty tough enough.

Should you use it: Yes. This pen is great for people that love deep colors and a thick, smooth line. The ball in these is fantastic, very easy action. Grip is very comfortable. For lefties looking for the smoothness of a gel pen, this is a great option for you.

Roseart 500 Ballpoint

Mackenzie, a friend of mine, gave me this pen to check out today. It's a Roseart 500, and Roseart isn't usually a name I associate with anything I really like in relation to... anything. But this was a good pen!

First Impressions: Solid construction. The weight is alright, a little off balanced and it felt kind of top heavy like it was not happy in my hand. Needed a few scratches to get started, but once it was going the ink flowed well with pressure. Real comfy grip!

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper:
The grip is sooooo comfortable, it's nice and big and fits beautifully in my hand. The ink was a bit spotty all the time without a good amount of force on it. The rollerball is very smooth, but it's a bit laborious to write with when compared to a free flowing ball like on the Pilot Precise V7. The clicker is very satisfying with a stiff spring that keeps it with nearly no play at all while the pen is clicked out, something that usually happens and usually bothers me.

Should you Use it: If you write hard out of habit this is a great pen. With a bit of pressure it flows wonderfully at all angles and it isn't too fine as to rip through your paper. Ink is nice and thick but dries fast. I wouldn't use it over a lot of pens, but it was very comfortable and never made my hand ache even while pushing hard.

Unfortunately, I could not find a picture of this pen online. Sorry!

Pilot Precise V7

Today I told my Speech teacher about my new project, reviewing pens. He had a pen he was rather fond of and wanted to know what I thought about it... a Pilot Precise V7.

First Impressions: Nice construction, feels solid with a good weight. Pilot's clips are always of pretty good quality, I like the brushed metal on black look. The tube construction is too straight and hard for me though, it is comfortable but gets sweaty pretty quick in my hands.

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper:
The pen produced great, deep black. The ink is fantastic! With the fine point this pen possessed (very, very fine) I was pleasantly surprised to find almost no scratch at all while writing. Wrote freely at all angles, never skipping a beat with the ink flow. Great pen, I would never hesitate to write with one.

Should you use it: The only major downside to this pen is the materials, and this will only effect some people. If your hands sweat a lot or get sweaty when using smooth objects this is not the pen for you. It got slippery fairly quick with me and I don't usually sweat much at all. Also, if your fingers cramp up easily with hard pens or pencils this might not be the best option as it does not have much give to it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

First impressions: Nice felt tip pen. A little too light in my hand, made of real airy feeling plastic.

what i wrote:

This pen was thrust upon me by my second mother and it was insisted that this was the best pen ever! I like the pen. The ink flows from it nicely without being too thin, but only when it is pointing completely vertical. Tip it down a little bit and it starts to get a bit scratchy and doesn't flow quite as well.

Should you write with this pen? If you like strong, inky colors and like a lighter feel to your pens, yes. I also think it might fit those with smaller hands well as it was thin with a nice triangularish shape.

so, i'm reviewing pens

i've always wanted a blog. i've never had anything happening to me consistently enough to write a good blog about. today I had a breakthrough when Daniel, a friend of mine, told me to check out his pen:

i love pens! i love to analyze pens and look at pens and write with pens! but i hate a bad pen. a bad pen can bring down my day. i never want anyone else to go through the trauma of using a bad pen. some call me a super hero, i call myself Connor. 

connor. and i review pens.