Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Papermate Profile

this one just sort of... popped up. i don't even remember where the hell this pen came from, but it was in my binder at school! imagine that... just all of the sudden being! i'm going to let you mull that one over while i dazzle you with pen review.

First Impressions: this pen is low on ink. I HATE WHEN PENS ARE LOW ON INK. i like to throw mine out as soon as they get to the point where they piss me off. well, past that a little bit: when they get to the point that i complain about how pissed i am to other people. that is when i toss the little bastards. hmph.

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper: these pens have a cool little look to them. nice curves! the grip is nice and squishy. it flows really well despite being almost out of ink. the ball was fantastic and it had a real effortless glide to it, super smooth stroke. i liked it a lot! i'd love to write with a fresh one.

Should You Write with it: Sure! it's got real bold ink and a smooth ball. at $8.99 for a 4-pack from Staples, though, they are priced above Pilot G-2's... and do i think they are better than G-2's? hell no. it's all about what is accessible, and in the event that this is they are great pens! GO FOR IT


colawhip said...

hey it would be cool if you had a list on the side of all the pens you've reviewed, maybe in order or best to worst, yeah?

connor said...

if you click the arrow next to "September" it'll list all the pens i've done last month too, which would be all the pens i've done... ever. i don't know how to customize stuff

Moose said...

Can you please review some more pens... I have nothing in life to look forword too then reading your blog of pen reviews. So far I have read your entire blog 14 times! I may be a mathematician but I do know when someone is not updateing their blog.