Monday, September 22, 2008

Foray Permanent Marker

Permanent markers are not pens. This is a fact. They are markers, as implied by the name. This is not connorreviewsmarkers, but I don't have one of those. I do love markers! Sharpies are my favorite. Clean and classic, not fats or skinnies.

Anyways, my English teacher gave me this marker to check out. Called a "Foray" Permanent Marker.

First Impressions: Aptly titled, this is a permanent marker, alright! It is very comfortable, the grip isn't really raised, it just kind of is, something i'm noticing on more and more pens lately. I like it a lot. It's got a real fine point so it can easily write nice sharp, small lines, but if you sit for too long on it it'll bleed like hell, as expected from a marker.

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper: I do really like this marker. I like most markers, actually, because when they are fresh it is hard to find one that sucks at writing. There is a fluidity to markers that is sometimes lost with other utensils, but a lot of the felt tips are also real scratchy (a BRAND new sharpie comes to mind.). The only thing that bothered me about this marker? It smelled SO strong. And it was a weird smell, almost like fish to me.

Should you use This: Sure, as long as your nose isn't too sensitive this is a great marker. OfficeDepot shows them as a little less expensive than Sharpies, too, if I am reading it right. Good marker, i'd recommend one!


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Rellik Izan, first time commenter long time reader. I love sniffing this pen because it gets me an erection. My wife loves it because now we can do-it(sexual intercourse) when ever we got spair time. I have one of those pens in every room of my house(and on the front porch and in the mail box). Are neighbors are jealous because we open the blinds just so that they can watch me and my wife do it on my son's bed. The pens also make my wife EXTREMLY horny. Ower sex life could not be any better. And on a personal note: I'm going to buy my wife breast implants to enhance the intensity of your intense love making.
So, i just wanted to say that I love the pen.

connor said...

well, thanks for the comment! glad to know there are other people out there that take as much, if not more, pleasure out of pens as i do!

Inkless in Irvine said...

I can't say I have any where the same reaction to your last reader (mostly because it is biologically impossible, given the state of my gender and subsequent chromosomes) but I have to say, there is something about the scent of a permanent marker.

Personally, I prefer the Sharpie brand smell. "Knock-offs" do tend to smell like fish, as you noted but the original Sharpie smell and indeed other permanent markers remind me of elementary school -- that first forbidden intoxication. While certainly nothing like crack cocaine, permanent markers were always exciting, despite (or perhaps in spite) of being against the rules.

Anyway, thank you for including such a thorough sensory analysis. Also, I find it interesting that your anonymous reader above thinks that buying his wife implants will "enhance the intensity of your intense love making." But whatev.

connor said...


there is definitely something to be said with the original sharpie smell, it holds a place in my heart (or nose) right next to all those original scented markers by the great Mr. Sketch. thank you for the comment!

ps. i'm seeing his wife on the side

Inkless said...

Wow -- really generous of him to spring for the boob job then. You should leave a couple pens on the nightstand as you escape before she wakes up.

connor said...


i just bought some Uniball Deluxe Fines, i'll be damned if he's getting one of those! maybe a RoundStic.

Anonymous said...

HORRIBLE permanent marker!!! I just labeled my children's brand new lunch boxes, thermos, water bottles etc. and sent the kids off to school. The moisture in the lunch boxes made the "permanent" ink smear all over the new stuff ...oh, but the smears seemingly ARE permanent. When we got home, I rinsed all the water bottles and put them by the sink to dry for the next day. This morning I grab them to put in the lunch boxes and, lo and behold, our last name is now imprinted, backwards, in two places on my KITCHEN COUNTERS!!!! What is up?!?!?!?? I am going to try to get the phone number for this company! Lousy pen. Should have stuck with Sharpies.