Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pilot G-2 (07)

I was signing out on the "Potty Pass" in first period Piano today when the pen I was writing with struck me. It was pink, and on the basis of my manliness I had to hate it. Something about it was so alluring though, its wonderful curves... its supple rubber grip... the way the ink flowed from it just so, I had to know what it was! I should have known before I looked at the clip. A Pilot G-2.

G-2's are one of my favorites!!!!!!11

First Impressions: These things are made real well! They are not too heavy and feel nice in my hand. The grip is a very soft rubber. The ink flows so well like most gel ink pens do, but something is special about these!

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper:
These rank up towards the top of my list for a reason: they are awesome. The ink flows very well, but while most gel pens tend to smear quite a bit this ink dries pretty quick! You can see where I wrote "smear" in the scan? Well, right there I wrote and then tried to smudge it as fast as I could to make an effect but I could not get it to go. Amazing! Also, I can write with these all day in Chemistry and not have to stop and shake my hand out once or stretch the cramp out. The clicker isn't AMAZING, but the spring is plenty tough enough.

Should you use it: Yes. This pen is great for people that love deep colors and a thick, smooth line. The ball in these is fantastic, very easy action. Grip is very comfortable. For lefties looking for the smoothness of a gel pen, this is a great option for you.


Duke Nukem said...

I have used that pen at the office. The pen is a piece of crap. The grip gets sweety and the ink does not always come out. Some times I have to shake the pen in order for it to work. I ended up throwing it away because my boss got mad me because the pen exploded all other his job social security papers.

save John, save the world...

connor said...

oh wow! that's quite the experience with the G-2... i've had nothing but good times with the pens and this is the first negative account! a serious one at that...

thanks for the comments!

Mekun Ekud said...

I have to totally disagree with you Duke. The pen is fantastic. Pilot G-2 is the best pen. I don't now what you been smoken but your Santan.

ronnoc said...

whoa whoa whoa, calm down guys, why all the fighting?!