Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pilot Precise V7

Today I told my Speech teacher about my new project, reviewing pens. He had a pen he was rather fond of and wanted to know what I thought about it... a Pilot Precise V7.

First Impressions: Nice construction, feels solid with a good weight. Pilot's clips are always of pretty good quality, I like the brushed metal on black look. The tube construction is too straight and hard for me though, it is comfortable but gets sweaty pretty quick in my hands.

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper:
The pen produced great, deep black. The ink is fantastic! With the fine point this pen possessed (very, very fine) I was pleasantly surprised to find almost no scratch at all while writing. Wrote freely at all angles, never skipping a beat with the ink flow. Great pen, I would never hesitate to write with one.

Should you use it: The only major downside to this pen is the materials, and this will only effect some people. If your hands sweat a lot or get sweaty when using smooth objects this is not the pen for you. It got slippery fairly quick with me and I don't usually sweat much at all. Also, if your fingers cramp up easily with hard pens or pencils this might not be the best option as it does not have much give to it.

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