Wednesday, September 17, 2008

so, i'm reviewing pens

i've always wanted a blog. i've never had anything happening to me consistently enough to write a good blog about. today I had a breakthrough when Daniel, a friend of mine, told me to check out his pen:

i love pens! i love to analyze pens and look at pens and write with pens! but i hate a bad pen. a bad pen can bring down my day. i never want anyone else to go through the trauma of using a bad pen. some call me a super hero, i call myself Connor. 

connor. and i review pens.


John said...

I love the concept, man. Highly original and a ton of room for your humor. I hope you keep at it!

Duke Nukem said...

John Conner, you need to get a passion for weaponry and explosives. If you are to be the leader of the human are you going to do it when your f@$%ing pens all day?

Mr. Swanson said...

nice blog.
i think the pens that i can get at walmart for 2$ work just az good.
By the way i think 'duke nukem' & 'mekun ekud' r the same persons cuz thier namez r just spelt backwordz.