Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roseart 500 Ballpoint

Mackenzie, a friend of mine, gave me this pen to check out today. It's a Roseart 500, and Roseart isn't usually a name I associate with anything I really like in relation to... anything. But this was a good pen!

First Impressions: Solid construction. The weight is alright, a little off balanced and it felt kind of top heavy like it was not happy in my hand. Needed a few scratches to get started, but once it was going the ink flowed well with pressure. Real comfy grip!

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper:
The grip is sooooo comfortable, it's nice and big and fits beautifully in my hand. The ink was a bit spotty all the time without a good amount of force on it. The rollerball is very smooth, but it's a bit laborious to write with when compared to a free flowing ball like on the Pilot Precise V7. The clicker is very satisfying with a stiff spring that keeps it with nearly no play at all while the pen is clicked out, something that usually happens and usually bothers me.

Should you Use it: If you write hard out of habit this is a great pen. With a bit of pressure it flows wonderfully at all angles and it isn't too fine as to rip through your paper. Ink is nice and thick but dries fast. I wouldn't use it over a lot of pens, but it was very comfortable and never made my hand ache even while pushing hard.

Unfortunately, I could not find a picture of this pen online. Sorry!


LPK1922 said...

Is there a way for you to get a picture of this pen. Because you see, my grandson Jimmy wants me to get this Roseart for him for his 16th birthday. And i really like to see a picture of this pen so that I can match the picture with the one that my grandson gave me. I always mess up on his birthday gifts and this time I want to make it right. Jimmy's birthday is October 4. I really appreciate it if you can get me a picture of the Roseart before that date.
Thankyou, and God bless.
By the way my name is Larry but you can call my Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being 'Anonymous', I could not remember my password.
Hello again. Conner, can you please some how get a picture of this pen. My grandson's birthday is in 4 days. You would really help me out if you can get my a picture of the Roseart. I don't know much about pens and I don't now what the pen looks like. Please help me.

connor said...


that is the best picture i can find, sorry!