Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

First impressions: Nice felt tip pen. A little too light in my hand, made of real airy feeling plastic.

what i wrote:

This pen was thrust upon me by my second mother and it was insisted that this was the best pen ever! I like the pen. The ink flows from it nicely without being too thin, but only when it is pointing completely vertical. Tip it down a little bit and it starts to get a bit scratchy and doesn't flow quite as well.

Should you write with this pen? If you like strong, inky colors and like a lighter feel to your pens, yes. I also think it might fit those with smaller hands well as it was thin with a nice triangularish shape.


Max Zumstein said...

A fine pen review by a fine man, but here's a bit of constructive criticism:

As a computer man myself, I find myself not paying much attention to pens. I'll be honest when I tell you the only pen I really know by name is the Pilot G2.

As a pen man, and clearly a man who wants to help people, I think it would be in your best interest to provide pictures of each pen you review, so that we can all know how it looks, because most people don't just read the name of every pen they see.

Still though, fantastic blog, and I look forward to future pen reviews

connor said...

noted and corrected! thank you for the input max

Geramie said...

"i'm just a guy that likes penis! well, good penis... writing with a crappy pen can bug me all day, and i'm here to save you from that same frustration."

Honestly, this may be useful to me. I'm looking into the "pen scene" now-a-days. Kudos. Disregard the first part. (:

Laura Fiore said...

SWEET blog! I'm always looking for a good pen, and that was my pen you were reviewing. As you know, it's my favorite, but I'm always open to other pens!

detoxikate said...

i like the pen! i actually am wishing for a set of it for Christmas. hahaha.

if you guys want a gel pen that would last long and write very thinly, try g-Tec of Pilot.