Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uniball Fine

That's the only identificaiton I could find on it. I'm pretty sure the picture I have down under here is the right pen.

Anyways, I was admiring my friend Melina's handwriting the other day and then I turned my attention, naturally, to her pen. Its simplicity drew me in, the clean, black tube, the nonchalance with which it dispersed its ink... this is one modest pen. It's like that kinda ugly chick you love to hang out with because she is real cool. For an ugly chick.

First Impressions: Pen writes real well. It scratches a LITTLE bit. The ink is light and pretty deep, but it doesn't make me feel like I am looking into the deep abyss or anything. Comfortable for a plastic tube.

What I wrote:

Getting Deeper:
This pen is pretty sweet. It's a good looking pen, nothing crazy but it has that old sleek look to it. The ink is good, but it smears a little bit (see smudge in top right.). The point is real fine, but the scratch doesn't bother me for some reason. The way it writes and dispenses ink makes me want to fill in doodles with real deep black spots. Good stuff!

Should you Write with This: I'd suggest this to anybody. Anyone. It is simple and it works well, making for a great writing utensil.

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greg said...

I am a big fan of uniball pens